Baahubali’s Devasena – Anushka

Young rebal star Prabhas, Super successful director Rajamouli latest sensation BAHUBALI is creating high temperature to the Industry. Now every movement of BAHUBALI is became talk of the industry. On the occasion of ANUSHKA birthday second making trailer has been released based on ANUSHKA character. At the same time one more interesting topic was revealed…


Tv9 coutering on rajamouli rudely

Tv9 seems to have some serious issues with rajamouli or Baahubali movie/promotions . Tv9 is making some rudely statements on the latest relese movie with  ”Satire on Bahubali copy from Hollywood movie – Bullet News” watch the video How indecent the anchor is and the anchoring makes fun of


Prabhas will become no.1 after baahubali

    Indications say Yes. Prabhas who became a star with “Chatrapathi” made by Rajamouli may climb to No. 1 position to stand at par with Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan with Bahubali. As a director with a vision, Rajamouli knows how to get maximum output out from an actor. He knows how to explore…

rajamouli's bahubali

Another Mile stone to baahubali Making video

  Bahubali’s Young Rebel Star Prabhas’ birthday gift to fans has become a sensation and we mean by that literally. Baahubali, the much awaited movie of the decade has yet again proved its mettle at the Youtube and is a proof of madness people are having for Rajamouli’s magnum opus flick. Although the release of…

rajamouli's bahubali

Rajamouli’s Prestigious gift to fans of prabas

The One and half minute teaser ‘Making Of Bahubali’ released on Prabhas’ birthday has been creating quite a sensation in the social networking sites, especially among Prabhas fans with over a lac of hits just in the first four hours on the YouTube. The teaser has carefully selected ‘Behind The Scenes’ visuals of the film…